About The CHPC

A diverse group of stakeholders committed to a coordinated statewide HIV prevention and care system


The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) recognizes the Connecticut HIV
Planning Consortium (CHPC) as its primary vehicle for statewide HIV prevention and care planning. The CHPC convenes diverse stakeholders - including people living with HIV (PLWH), service providers, health specialists, and a range of community members - with a shared goal of creating a coordinated statewide prevention and care system.  

The CHPC works to prevent the continuing spread of HIV/AIDS in Connecticut, and to improve services for those infected by HIV/AIDS. The CHPC embraces diversity - of races and ethnicities, life experiences, philosophies, cultures, identities, and sexual orientations. Mutual respect and a sense of urgency to reduce the impact and presence of HIV/AIDS motivate CHPC members to produce a strong and  thorough Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan.

The CHPC receives planning and technical assistance from numerous DPH staff members affiliated with the TB, HIV, STD and Viral Hepatitis Section. Three units in particular deliver consistent and critical support for the CHPC: the HIV Prevention Unit; the Health Care and Support Services Unit, and the HIV/AIDS Surveillance Unit.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to download the CHPC Charter, last updated in 2017. 

The Charter will be reviewed and updated again in 2020.

CHPC Committees

Data + Assessment Committee (DAC)

Membership + Awareness Committee (MAC)

Data + Assessment Committee (DAC)


Two teams serve as a united Data and  Assessment Committee (DAC): (1) the Quality & Performance Measures (QPM) Team; and (2) the Needs Assessment Projects (NAP) Team.  The teams work in conjunction to review and compile data to implement planning work and aid in required document production, and perform separate data-related functions.  

 The QPM Team supports quality improvement. Click here for more information. 

Getting to Zero (G2Z) Committee

Membership + Awareness Committee (MAC)

Data + Assessment Committee (DAC)



The Getting to Zero (G2Z) Committee helps to coordinate implementation of the recommendations of the G2Z CT initiative, whose objectives are zero new HIV infections, zero HIV-related deaths, and zero HIV-related stigma. The G2Z Committee also assesses progress towards these objectives and facilitates the integration of relevant G2Z activities by all CHPC committees that advance the statewide HIV plan and the statewide G2Z recommendations.

Click here for more information on the Getting to Zero CT initiative.

Membership + Awareness Committee (MAC)

Membership + Awareness Committee (MAC)

Membership + Awareness Committee (MAC)


The Membership & Awareness
Committee (MAC)
is a communications- and members-focused committee that leads CHPC efforts related to member recruitment, member selection, member retention, new member on-boarding, and CHPC mentorship. MAC also coordinates marketing initiatives and general CHPC public
awareness activities, and contributes to special projects such as statewide focus group planning and the CHPC's annual consumer panel planning.

CHPC Charter

The CHPC Charter is a regularly updated document identifying the CHPC’s purpose, structure, and bylaws.  An ad hoc Charter Review Committee convenes on an annual basis to review the document and produce recommendations.  Recommendations are approved by CHPC member vote.


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